Van Der Valk - Trapetsprofil + EPDM 440 mm Porträtt (7269440) - Solproffset
Van Der Valk - Trapetsprofil + EPDM 440 mm Porträtt (7269440) - Solproffset

Van Der Valk - Trapezoid profile + EPDM 440 mm Portrait (7269440)

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Rail from Van der valk for mounting on TP-20 roofs. This is a longer variant (440mm) and intended for mounting the panels in portrait. This rail is then attached over two or more trapezoids.

The rail is attached with sheet metal screws from Van der valk straight into the trapezoidal sheet. The underside of the rail is coated with an EPDM rubber disc that seals the attachment hole.

Van der valk

Van der Valk is a Dutch manufacturer of mounting materials for solar installations that has been on the market since 2009. Everything is manufactured in their factory in the Netherlands and the company is currently active in over 13 countries with a main focus on Europe.

The manufacture of Van der valk's products takes place in consideration of EU regulations and meets the requirements that banks and insurance companies place on assembly systems. You can feel safe with Van der Valk as they have demonstrated quality and durability for many years. At the same time, the assembly system is easy to assemble because they contain very few components.



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