MAFI - Plegel Spacer (91292)
MAFI - Plegel Spacer (91292)

MAFI - Plegel Spacer (91292)

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MAFI - Plegel Spacer (91292)

The Plegel Spacer is designed to fit the sine shape and adjust for the angle of the sheet metal ('Plegel') roof, allowing the panel to line up with the Solar Rail. The guide holes must always face the ridge and prevent the Plegel Spacer from sliding under the Solar Rail during installation.

Flexibility Solar Rail can be installed both horizontally and vertically thanks to the universal hole pattern in the Plegel Spacer.

Installation manual

Sku: 91292

MAFI's attachments for Swedish roof

MAFI's Swedish fixings for solar cells are a complete collection of products and solutions that are specially designed to safely and stably mount solar cell systems in Sweden. The range includes different types of fasteners, braces, rails and clamps that are developed to fit different types of roofs and substrates.

The fasteners from MAFI are designed with a focus on durability, safety and ease of installation. The products are made of high-quality material that can withstand the Swedish weather conditions and temperature variations.

The fastening elements are designed to ensure a stable and reliable mounting of the solar panels. Braces and rails add extra strength and durability to the installation, while clamps hold the solar panels securely in place.

With MAFI's Swedish fixings, installers and home fixers can feel confident that they have access to reliable and high-quality products to safely mount solar systems and maximize solar energy production.

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