Huawei Luna 2000 5-15 Kwh - Solproffset
Huawei Luna 2000 5-15 Kwh - Solproffset

Huawei Luna 2000 - 10 Kwh solar battery

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Huawei Luna 2000 Solar cell battery

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The Huawei Luna2000 is a high-voltage battery that has lithium iron phosphate battery technology within it. The Huawei Luna battery consists of 1-3 modules and a battery manager. The number of battery modules depends on how big a battery you want. By buying more modules at a later time, it is possible to expand the capacity of your current battery as it is a modular system. Each battery module weighs 50 kg and it is possible to connect up to 2 batteries in parallel so that the total power is 30 kwh.

The battery can be charged with AC power directly from the mains but also of course directly from the inverter. These battery modules are only suitable for hybrid inverter from Huawei.

10 year warranty. Dischargeable up to 100%.

In order to be able to install the battery, it is also required that there is a smart meter from Huawei, you can find it here .

Data sheet Huawei Luna 2000 solar cell battery 5-15kwh

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