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Growatt - Growatt MOD 8KTL3-XH - 8 kw Hybrid inverter
Growatt - Growatt MOD 8KTL3-XH - 8 kw Hybrid inverter

Growatt - Growatt MOD 8KTL3-XH - 8 kw Hybrid inverter

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Growatt - Growatt MOD 8KTL3-XH - 8 kw Hybrid inverter

The Growatt MOD 8KTL3-XH is a reliable 3 phase inverter that is perfect for installation on homes but also smaller commercial solar projects. Growatt inverters are known for being affordable and high efficiency, and the Growatt KTL3-XH series is among the best hybrid inverters we have in our range.

Growatt MOD 8KTL3-XH is a hybrid inverter and can be operated with or without a battery, but it gives the option of being able to add a solar cell battery afterwards. A hybrid inverter also gives you more flexibility with your produced electricity as you can use the solar energy you generate yourself.

The Growatt MOD 8KTL3-XH has 2 MPP trackers so that two independent strings can be connected to the inverter. This feature is particularly important if, for example, part of your solar panels are affected by shadow at certain times of the day. The part of your system that does not have shade can then be connected as a separate string and can thus continue to generate electricity at maximum power.

The Growatt KTL3-XH series comes with an integrated overvoltage protection type II SPD on the DC and AC side, which increases the safety of the inverter in case of possible lightning strikes and can reduce damage to the inverter.

Complete with a Growatt Shine WiFi-X dongle to transmit and monitor your solar plant via WiFi and thus connect your smartphone via Growatt's app and see your plant's production wherever you are in the world.

Data sheet - Growatt MOD 10KTL3-XH - 10 kw Hybrid inverter


Growatt is a global leading company of smart energy solutions, Growatt is even the largest in the world in inverters and has been on the market since 2010. But in addition to inverter production, Growatt also has an impressive product portfolio with other energy products such as energy storage systems, EV chargers and smart energy management solutions. Growatt is dedicated to becoming the world's largest supplier of smart energy solutions.

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