Growatt - Smartmätare 3 fas - Solproffset
Growatt - Smartmätare 3 fas - Solproffset

Growatt - Smart meter 3 phase

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Growatt - Smart meter 3 phase

Growatt Smart meters for 3 phase are used to be able to measure own consumption and export of electricity in the household. With a Growatt Smart meters can also be set with the inverter so that you can use the zero export setting, which means that you do not export to the grid but use your own produced electricity yourself.

Battery installation

When installing a battery for a hybrid inverter from Growatt, a smart meter is required for it to work. By being able to control the consumption and distribution of the solar energy, the smart meter can also make the use of solar electricity more efficient in the house.

Inline meter

This smart meter does not use CT clamps to measure the incoming phases, but you connect the phases directly into the smart meter.

Data sheet Growatt - Smart meter 3 phase

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