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Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus - 3-4 kw - Solproffset
Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus - 3-4 kw - Solproffset

Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus - 3-4 kw

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  • Fronius Symo GEN24 3.0 Plus
  • Fronius Symo GEN24 4.0 Plus
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Data sheet Fronius Symo GEN24 3.0-5.0 Plus

Fronius - Symo GEN24 plus is a 3-phase inverter that is well suited for installation in residential and commercial properties with a solar system. Fronius - Symo GEN24 plus model is a very popular inverter with high quality and many useful functions. The low starting voltage which Fronius - Symo GEN24 plus is known for is only 80v which makes it one of the inverters on the market with the lowest starting voltage.

Hybrid inverter

Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus can be combined with the BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS / HVM storage system to create a battery solution for your facility. Because the inverter can be supplemented with a back up box, it can use the electricity stored in it the battery to power the house in the event of a power outage. The reserve power function "PV Point" is an outlet that provides reserve power to connected devices, as long as the sun is shining or there is enough energy in the battery. Full backup even secures the power supply for the entire household. Fully automatic, reliable and also for large 3-phase consumers such as air source heat pumps.

Multi Flow Technology

Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus has built-in multi Flow Technology that Fronius has developed, which is something that really makes it stand out from the crowd. Conventional inverters only allow one energy flow at a time. This means that the generated energy is not used optimally. Fronius inverters with Multi Flow Technology can control different energy flows in parallel and in all directions. This has many advantages and creates a more efficient flow in the plant. Multi Flow Technology can combine storage and energy needs in a more flexible way than conventional inverters.

The inverter has a high efficiency rate of 97.7% and runs quietly thanks to Active cooling from Fronius. Thanks to the improved cooling, it extends the lifespan of the inverter and contributes to better performance. The design of the inverter allows air to circulate internally and prevents heat from accumulating on certain parts of the inverter and the heat is led away via the cooling fins instead.

SPEI Battery Compatible/ Hybrid: Yes

TOPO Number of phases : Three phases

MPPT Number of MPPT: 2 pcs

WOMI MPP volts min: 80.0 Volts
WUMA MPP volts max: 800.0 Volts
DCAN Number of inputs per MPPT: 2+2
DCAN DC connection: MC4
NETL Size in mm : L: 166 mm W: 527 mm H: 594 mm

NETG Weight : 16.5 kg

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