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Fronius 3.0-4.5 3-M - Solproffset
Fronius 3.0-4.5 3-M - Solproffset

Fronius- Symo 3-M - 3.0 Kw -4.5 Kw

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  • Fronius Symo 3.0-3-M
  • Fronius Symo 3.7-3-M
  • Fronius Symo 4.5-3-M
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Fronius- Symo 3-M - 3.0 Kw -4.5 Kw

Fronius-Symo is a high-performance and reliable inverter for solar installations. Manufactured by the reputable Austrian company Fronius, this 3-phase inverter has been approved by several certification bodies and offers excellent efficiency to maximize the output of your solar installation.

With two MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) inputs, the inverter can be optimized to take advantage of different weather conditions and be able to handle shading more effectively, resulting in increased energy production. This is particularly beneficial when the solar panels are placed on different roof surfaces or areas with varying solar conditions.

The inverter can be installed both indoors and outdoors. If you choose to place it outdoors, it is important to avoid direct sunlight to prevent overheating. In addition, you should avoid areas with high humidity and dust, even though the inverter has a high IP rating (IP65). It is important to mount the inverter on a stable and non-combustible surface to ensure safe operation and avoid risks.

With the Fronius-Symo 3.7-3-M, you get a reliable and efficient solution for your solar system. The high quality and reliability that Fronius is known for means you can trust that your inverter will deliver optimal performance and help maximize your solar production.

Data sheet for the inverter

SPEI Battery Compatible/ Hybrid: No
NENN Max Power : 3000VA for 3.0, 3700VA for 3.7 and 4500VA for 4.5.
TOPO Number of phases : Three phases
MPPT Number of MPPT: 2 pcs
WOMI MPP volts min: 150.0 Volts
WUMA MPP volts max: 800.0 Volts
DCAN Number of inputs per MPPT: 2+2
DCAN DC connection: Clamp (MC4)
NETL Size in mm: L: 204 mm W: 431 mm H: 645 mm

NETG Weight : 19.9 kg

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