Quotation request Solar panels


  1. Do you offer installation?
    With the help of a cooperation partner, we can offer installation of solar panels etc. in Stockholm and the surrounding area. 
  2. How long is the waiting time for a quote?
    We always try to get back to you within 2-3 working days with a complete quote or supplementary questions. But as you probably understand, during high season there can be slightly longer processing times due to a large influx of requests.
  3. What can you expect from the quote?
    Choosing materials to install solar cells yourself can be a tricky part to figure out and it's important to get it right. We at Solproffset are experts in solar energy and will come back with a package that suits your conditions. You will receive a complete quotation down to screw and contact level so that it will be as complete as possible. 

    We also always send snow and wind calculations where you can see what applies to your specific address when it comes to cc measurements between attachments etc. We will also size an inverter to fit the amount of solar panels to ensure that all components work together. 
  4. I would like to attach a sketch or drawing
    If you want to attach a sketch or a drawing, you can email it to us separately to info@solproffset.se and we will be able to see it.