Install solar cells on tiled roofs, which roof hook should I choose?

Install solar cells on tiled roofs, which roof hook should I choose?

When installing solar cells on tiled roofs, there are a variety of roof hooks to choose from. This guide shows the different variants that we at Solprofset sell. We will go through and some hooks from Vandervalk, esdec and K2 solar. These have slightly different functions and advantages and disadvantages.

Van der valk roof hook for solar cells on tiled roofs

Van der valk Heavy duty roof hook is our best selling roof hook for installing solar cells on tiled roofs. These are available both for installation in portrait but also in landscape. You can find the products here:
Van der Valk - Strongline - heavy duty roof hook - Portrait (747838)

Van der Valk - Strongline - heavy duty roof hook - Landscape (747839)

Van Der Valk - 8.0x80 mm Torx screw (774380)

Van der valk is a company with extensive experience in solar cell assembly and assembly material for solar cells. Through their simple design, they have products with high quality at low prices.

Installation guide van der valk for tiled roofs

Assembly guide for installation in the raw sheet


  • Affordable.
  • solid, smaller things that can break.


  • Non adjustable.

The roof hooks for the roof are combined with end and middle clamps and rails to mount the solar cells. You can find the other products here:

Van der Valk - Center Clamp Black (721550ZW)

Van Der Valk - Rail Alu Side++ (701702370 , 701703520 )

Van der Valk - End clamp black (721552ZW)

In summary, you can say that Van der valk is a perfect combination of low price but high quality. The simple design makes it an affordable roof hook without any extra functions.

Esdec Click fit evo ceiling hook for mounting on brick boilers

Esdec's click fit evo roof hook for mounting solar cells on brick roofs is a good option when you don't want to screw into the roof and thus break the sealing layer. By clamping the ceiling hook between the boiler and the support battens, you get a stable installation without having to screw into the ceiling. As mentioned in the video, a snow and wind calculation is needed to know the cc measurement between the hooks, but we are happy to help you with that.

You can find Esdec's range for tiled roofs here:

Esdec ClickFit EVO - module clamp universal Black (1008020-B)

Esdec ClickFit EVO - Rail 3488 mm (1008133)

Esdec ClickFit EVO - Ceiling hook Universal (1008040)

Esdec ClickFit EVO - End cap black (1008060-B)


  • Adjustable
  • No screws required
  • Simple assembly with innovative products from Esdec


  • Many hooks are required for high snow loads
  • More expensive than mounting in trusses

In summary, it can be said that Esdec has innovative products with which provide a smooth installation. But it can be more expensive to install with these hooks as they may require more hooks than with those that are screwed into the truss. But it is a good choice if you want to avoid screwing in the sealing layer.

K2 solar roof hook for brick roofs, 3 s hook

The last hook we look at in this post is the 3s hook from K2 solar mounting which is also one of our big sellers. This high quality hook is used to attach the rails to tile roof assembly. K2 are known for their high quality and their products are really well designed. Thanks to the flexible design of the 3s hook, it can be adjusted relatively much, which creates an easier installation.

Products used to mount this on tiled roofs can be found here:

K2 - SingleRail 36 - 3.30 m (2003221)

K2 - Black center clamp universal (2003072)

K2 - Black Universal End Clamp (2002589)

K2- Roof hook CrossHook 3S (2003215)

K2- Wood screw inox. 8x100 (2004112)


  • Adjustable
  • High quality


  • More expensive

in summary, it can be said that K2 solar mounting is a good option when you want a lot of adjustability, which leads to faster and easier installation.


The conclusion of this compilation of roof hooks for installing solar cells is that it is important to keep track of the different hooks and systems. There are slightly different functions that the different systems have and it usually comes down to how much it is possible to adjust the hooks. But esdec's system is very different from the others and that is something to take into account when choosing a roof hook.

I personally have installed with all the different tile roof systems and still want to give Esdec a shot. Although a lot of hooks are required in a short cc distance, it is quick, flexible and easy.


Richard Lundberg


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