Mount solar cells on different types of roofs

Mount solar cells on different types of roofs

Mounting solar cells on a roof is the most common, but it is also possible to mount solar cells on a stand on the ground. In Sweden, we have a wide range of different roof types that are found around the country, but in this text we will go through the most common ones . Let's dive into the topic and learn more about mounting solar cells on different roofs.

Mount solar cells on brick roofs/concrete slabs

There are a number of different ways to attach solar cells to tiled roofs, but usually the attachment is based on a roof hook or batten attachment. We at Solprofset sell 4 different assembly systems for tiled roofs, MAFI , Van der valk , k2 and Esdec.

What differentiates the different systems is how the bracket is attached to the ceiling, both k2 and van der Valk are more traditional roof hooks that attach with screws to raw sheeting or roof trusses. MAFI and Esdec, on the other hand, are based on you attaching the roof hooks to the carrier battens.

The different systems have different limitations and advantages, for example there may be many hooks that go into batten attachments in zones with high wind or snow load. Which attachment fits best where you live simply depends.

If you want to read about the different systems and their advantages and disadvantages, read more on our assembly guide about roof hooks for tiled roofs.

Mount solar cells on metal roofs

When mounting solar cells on tin roofs, there are a number of different types of tin roofs that we in Sweden have as cladding on our roofs. The most common types are the following:

  • Folded tin roof
  • Roof made of trapezoidal sheet (TRP)
  • Click ceiling
  • Caregiver

There are a number of different systems that can be used on metal roofs when mounting solar cells, but some systems are more suitable for certain types of roofs.

Folded tin roof

For false metal roofs, we use Esdec false clamps or van der valk's false clamps. You can read more about both oil systems here:
Esdec corrugated tin roof

Van der valk corrugated iron roof

Tp20 plate

In the case of tranpet sheet, also called tp20 sheet metal roof, we recommend a solution from van der valk where different short rails are mounted under the solar panel to fasten them to the sheet. This is mounted using sheet metal screws directly in the sheet metal on the roof.

You can read more about this in our assembly guide

Click ceiling

Mounting solar cells on clapboard roofs is something that is very flexible and Esdec has special false clamps for clapboards. Hemming clamps from eg van der valk are unfortunately not approved for click hemming as it is unusual outside of Sweden, which means that they are not approved for it.

You can read more here about Esdec for click false.


For pitched roofs, we recommend that you mount the solar cells using our newest mounting system from Mafi. As Mafi is designed to fit Swedish roofs and roof types, they have a perfect solution for pitched roofs.

You can read more here about Mafi's solution for childcare.

Install solar cells on cardboard roofs

Many people ask themselves whether solar cells can be mounted on cardboard roofs, and yes it is possible, but it is more difficult than other types of roofs. It is important to distinguish between flat roofs and sloping cardboard roofs when installing solar cells. The most common arrangement for flat roofs is to weld CW Lundberg tiles to the roof, which are then combined with K2 rails and materials. For sloping cardboard roofs, it is possible to use either K2 plates or even Esdec hangerbolts. The best thing to do with cardboard roofs is to contact us so we can help you find the system that best suits your roof.

Mount solar cells on the ground

Mounting solar cells on ground stands or similar is something that is becoming more and more popular among our customers, as many do not have optimal conditions on the roof to install solar cells. Mounting solar cells on the ground stand is also somewhat easier than other mountings as you simply do not have to climb on a roof or the like. The material for mounting on the ground stand differs greatly depending on how the structure looks like the solar panels are to be mounted. Either you can use log screws to mount rails on the wooden scaffolding or the rails are mounted directly in the scaffolding using screws. As I said, what suits your particular installation depends a lot on how you have built the stand itself.

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