Install solar cells yourself: Can you install solar cells on the roof yourself?

Install solar cells on the roof yourself - Can private individuals install solar panels themselves?

Can you install solar cells yourself? No, you may not install solar cells all by yourself, but need the help of an authorized electricity company . Solar cells connected to the grid must be installed by a qualified electrician under an electrical installation company's self-inspection program. So what can you do yourself? We will explain that in this text in order to clear up any questions about what you can do yourself when installing solar cells.

Summary of installing solar cells yourself on your roof:

  • Electrical work must be carried out by a qualified electrician
  • Project management and purchasing can be done by a private person
  • You may carry out everything that is not classified as electrical work on your own
  • Choosing the right material for the installation is important

The big question is, can you install solar cells yourself?

As we have established, as a private person, you cannot do the entire installation yourself, but need the help of a qualified electrician who connects all the electrical parts. However, there are many parts that you can do yourself to lower the installation cost. Installing rails and other attached elements on the roof itself is not considered an electrical job and you have to do this yourself. Buying the required material on your own allows you to choose which material to mount on your roof. In this way, you gain more insight into what is assembled and how it is assembled.

What can you do to install solar cells yourself?

Installation of solar cells you can do yourself:

  • Project lead the work of the installation of solar cells.
  • If required, apply for planning permission.
  • Purchase materials such as solar panels & inverters as well as assembly materials for the installation of the solar cells.
  • Attach ceiling hooks and carrier rails to the ceiling.
  • Carry the solar panels up on the roof.

What not to do - electrical installation

Installation of solar cells that require an electrician:

  • Connect connectors between the solar panels.
  • Plug the AC plugs into the inverter.
  • Connect the solar system to the electricity grid.
  • Put the solar system into operation.
  • Other work involving electricity.

Can you save money by installing solar cells yourself?

Yes, you can save money by installing solar cells yourself. As mentioned above, there are many parts that you, as a non-electrician, can do on your own. These parts are something you would have to pay someone to do otherwise. So by project managing and making sure that the material is in place when the electrician comes, you can save a lot. But a company that carries out the installation also has a mark-up on its products and services, which you do not have to pay if you install it yourself, of course.

How does the installation of solar cells work?

Assembling solar cells yourself is not particularly difficult if you are a little handy from before. In short, a solar cell installation consists of an inverter, solar cells, mounting material for attachment to the roof. These parts are something we have in our range and we will of course help you put together a package that is compatible with each other.

What can we at help you with when installing solar cells yourself?

  • Complete quote for what you will need.
  • Snow and wind calculation.
  • Fast deliveries to your door.
  • world-class support.

We at Solprofset are solar professionals and help you all the way from idea to finished installation. We help you put together a quote that fits your circumstances where you live and your roof. We will help you with a complete quote if you fill in the following form completely free of charge.

Common questions when installing solar cells yourself:

How long does it take to install solar cells?

Installing solar cells yourself takes about a weekend according to our experience. But a lot obviously depends on the size of the solar cell installation.

Which mounts are used for mounting solar panels on roofs?

Which mounting material suits your particular roof may vary slightly. We have put together a guide where you can see which one suits your needs. You will find our assembly guide here.

Can you build your own stand for solar cells that are mounted on the ground?

A good alternative if the conditions on the roof are not optimal is to build your own ground stand for your solar cells. The same rules apply as for mounting on ceilings.

Can you help a solar cell company with the installation of solar cells?

Absolutely, you can help an assembly company after approval from that company, of course.


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